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Clean and Disinfect Your Devices Now!

  • Do fingerprints on your iPhone, cell phone, tablet, computer screen, and laptop drive you nuts?
  • Are you tired of cleaners and wipes that leave a bigger mess than when you started?
  • Do you want to avoid getting sick from the germs that your devices pick up from the surfaces they touch each day?

Introducing All New Awesome Wipes

  • Our wipes are specially designed to get your devices shiny without the streaking
  • They are pre-moistened with anti-bacterial to kill those germs before they get you sick
  • We have individually wrapped each wipe so they won’t dry out before you use them
  • Our efficient eco-friendly bags and wrappers use less moisture and plastic than a typical tube of wipes

You will love our resealable travel bag which conveniently fits in your drawer, laptop bag, or center console.

AwesomeWipes are Backed by a 100% Guarantee!

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